International Reach

International Business Law Consortium (IBLC)

An international alliance of select law firms with impeccable reputations for service-oriented professionalism covering almost 50 countries worldwide.

AVID Intellectual Property Registration Agent (AVID IP)

A reputable IP Agent that promotes the protection of intellectual property by providing the best intellectual property services in the Middle East & North Africa.

Off Shore Services

We are in contact with several advisory and fiduciary firms that can provide a number of services including the incorporation of companies, provision of nominee services, tax planning, company administration and accounting, trust formation, fiduciary and other related services in several of the best offshore jurisdictions including: Jersey Channel Islands, Guernsey Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Panama, Seychelles, Marshall Islands, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Malta and Madeira.

Recognition and Credits

At Zalloum and Laswi we pride ourselves on our client oriented and personalised approach.

Latest News

Launch Our New Website in 05/01/2015.